Dr. Maria Baretto

Fantastic Centre with a great Therapy Team. Will be proud to be associated with Chandigarh Spinal Rehab.

Mohini Daljeet Singh

Extremely hygienic atmosphere. Tremendous work being done to provide joy and fulfilment to the lives of PWD.

Vicky Sigworth

Very impressed with the Rehab Centre and I am truly moved to see smiles on the faces of all the patients. Will be looking forward to visit the Centre again and work with them.

Dr. H N Bajaj

A word of appreciation for the tremendous effort put in by all to make this an excellent Rehab Centre.I can state with conviction that it will be India’s leading Rehabilitation Centre.

Rosalinde Breininger

I was very surprised to see such a neat Rehab Centre. The quality of Patient care provided here matches with the WHO.

Dr. Renee Maschke

The quality of Rehabilitation matches with the international standards. The neglect cases and very complicated patients are treated with utmost expertise of the Therapy Team. Very impressed with the Centre.

Col. Dr. Langar

A centre with excellent facilities and very good bed sore management.