Ashish Dependence to Wheelchair basketball
This is a story of a handsome young man Aashish Verma, 24 years of age. Hailing from Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh, and his childhood was full of mischief. After completing his elementary education, Aashish started working in his apple farm. Life was sailing smooth till the day he met with an accident on 26th November 2014. “My brother who was at the driver’s seat, missed the roundabout and smashed the car in it. The others escaped with minor injuries but I had a Spinal Cord Injury.” He was rushed to Fortis Mohali and had a spine surgery. He was taken care of for 15 days and was then discharged. His parents arranged for a local physiotherapist, but the graph of his improvement was negligible even after one and a half years of continuous effort. Ashish came to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab in October, 2016. In two months, he became independent. He started walking with the help of his crutches and learnt to manage his bladder and bowel. Aashish has now started playing various sports showing a great aptitude for wheelchair basketball. Chandigarh Spinal Rehab is geared to helping him nurture his interest in sports, and hopefully up the ladder of National Paralympic sports for starters. That his family has decided to settle in Chandigarh should help him do sports training at Chandigarh Spinal.
Annu Sharma- Moving on after 3 years
Annu Sharma is a young lady who has marched ahead at Chandigarh Spinal Rehab after three years of agony following Spine TB that she picked while delivering her second child. Mostly confined to bed and spending short times on an outsized wheelchair, she was unable to manage her home and the children. She had come for evaluation on the day of inauguration of Chandigarh Spinal Rehab. In July 2016. Two months of quality therapy has helped her move on in life. She is now walking with a walker and training to walk with callipers. We expect her to lead a meaningful and active live as a housewife. How far she has traveled is evident form her aspiration of getting back to work as well. “I am planning to appear for the Bank Competitive Exams and will be going for the coaching classes for the same". Of her rehabilitation experience, Annu says: `I feel very empowered and independent. I had come to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab with Spinal TB during pregnancy and an unsuccessful Stem Cell approach. I was rendered immobile. I had a permanent urine bag attached to me and had lost bladder sensation. Now not only can I move with the help of a walker, I have got rid of the urine bag as well’.
Paramjeet Kaur 'Life' after 18 years
A simple girl from a village of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Paramjeet Kaur (Param) is now 50. Daughter of a farmer, Param was married off at an early age. Her husband hailed from Mumbai. With dreams in her eyes and the excitement to be in the “City of Dreams”, Param’s happiness knew no limits. Soon a few harsh realities of her husband left her shattered, which led to her separation. With the wounds of her divorce and two young boys to take care of, she shifted to Pune and earned her livelihood from stitching of clothes. With tears in her eyes, Param recounts the events of the fateful day of 1998. She was on her way to Mumbai to get some stitching material, when the Maruti van she was travelling met with an accident breaking her Spinal Cord. Param opened her eyes to a life in which all her movements below her neck had ceased. A never ending search for treatment began. Not finding any solution after consulting various doctors, Param accepted her destiny and stayed at home, lying on the bed like a log. Due to neglect the body had developed contractures and life had become an endless routine of changing wet and soiled sheets, as she had no bowel and bladder control and had not learned to how to handle the same. Luck smiled at her almost after eighteen years, when she met the founder of Chandigarh Spinal Rehab Mrs. Nicky P Kaur, and was brought to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab in July 2016. Param’s treatment and rehab has brought back hope in her eyes. Param smiles and tells “I had not seen anything except the ceiling of my house for so many years. Now, with therapy, I can sit on the wheelchair and enjoy nature’s treats. I have also travelled by car and been a part of rallies. I can also manage my bowel and bladder, sit straight, brush my teeth, eat with a specially designed spoon and propel my motorized wheelchair. I know, my struggle is long, but with care and support, life will be exciting and worth living”. Param aspires to live a life of substance and give back to the society in whichever way she can. “This will help me in my treatment and also give a new beginning to my life“ says Param with a broad smile. She has been recruited as a Supervisor for students of a non-government organization that operates on the same campus as Chandigarh Spinal Rehab.
Mrs. Manju A Success story from day one
Have you ever imagined how one month can change your life. It can never be the same again? Something similar happened to Mrs. MANJU, who fell off from a moving train after being pushed by a fellow passenger. The fall did not take away Manju’s years but it took away her life from those years. It resulted in a SCI, which lead to complete loss of hand and leg movement. Paralysis in common language with complete dependency on the family members for slightest of activity ( such as bathing eating etc). Her husband switched to night job and spent all his daytime taking care of his wife. Together they conquered the length and breadth of the country seeking medical help for Manju. The day was devoted to the hospitals and at nights her husband worked to make the two ends meet. With the lapse of time and inadequate medical help, it resulted in serious complications which made her more bed ridden and dependent. This worsened further by a fall which left her knee in a fixed deformity A good helped them get in touch Chandigarh Spinal Rehab, which aims at providing a holistic care to persons with such a disability. Manju told us how she wishes to cook foe her husband and to be able to look after herself independently. Her biggest wish is to her few months grandson and to play with him. As shares this , tears roll down her eyes. Adding to it her husband said he would be grateful if he could get a night job to make the ends meet. As Chandigarh Spinal Rehab works to give its best to Manju and her family, we request you to fuel her dreams and help her get Rehabilitation, for a small step of yours can lead to a giant leap in her life. As they say “ Together we can , together we will”
Harnek Singh Story of Harnek Singh
Harnek Singh, a male of 46 years is a native of Malla Bedian, a small village in Nawasaher, Punjab. 8 years back he met with an accident, injuring his Spinal Cord. In a matter of seconds, the life of lively and energetic Harnek came to a standstill as both his lower limbs were not showing any sensation. He lost his bowel and bladder control and became dependent for most of his activities. His journey and struggle to get back his normal life seemed a mammoth task. He was admitted to a hospital in Delhi and then shifted to a rehab centre in Punjab. Sharing his experience Harnek recalls ,” The calendar dates kept changing but there was no sign of any improvement in my condition. I was drained out completely both emotionally and financially. I had no option but to quit and stay home. Sharing how his life changed within a month of his rehab at Chandigarh Spinal Rehab. Harnek says that they was probably the best few days of his life because now he is a completely transformed and empowered person. His eyes beam with gratitude when he speaks of his interactions with the Therapists , their support and their expert guidance which has helped him to become a far independent person. He has utmost respect for the Founder Trustee Mrs Nicky P Kaur and says that she is the driving force of this centre. The love, warmth and care she extends to all the patients is beyond words. Harnek has learned to move around in his wheel chair which gives him a far higher degree of independency. He can manage his bowel and bladder, can shift from his bed to wheel chair and vice versa. He dreams to drive a car independently and to become a businessman soon.
Kaushalya Story of Kaushalya
Kaushalya , a Himachali, belongs to a small village near Solan. She injured her Spinal Cord a few years back, when she fell down while trying to gather dry wood for fire used for burning her “chulha”. Post injury, Kaushalaya was confined to her small hut at the top of a mountain, as there was no wheel chair accessibility. She was deserted by her husband who left her taking their son along as well. Shattered, she just gauged at the distant world, trying and hoping to live a life of productivity some day. The pain and agony she was going through, found respite when she came to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab. The Therapy at Centre made her independent in most of her personal grooming. She found a new direction to her life after meeting The Founder Trustee. Her helplessness has been replaced with empowerment and now she is the Head of the House Keeping at Chandigarh Spinal Rehab.
Mahesh- Story of Mahesh
Mahesh , the shy young boy of Chandigarh Spinal Rehab was discharged from the centre on 29th of November,2016 , merely after one and a half months of therapy. He was born and brought up in a small town in Madhya Pradesh. Looking back the memory lane, Mahesh says it was a long journey, from his fall from the tree back in 2010 to his successful rehab at the centre. “It took me six long years to be able to stand on my feet. It feels like I a dream’. Thanks to the dedicated and expert team of therapists at Chandigarh Spinal, within one month I have not only been able to manage my daily routine activities but also been able to walk with the help of crutches, a task which seemed impossible before coming to the centre. Providing the details of his injury Mahesh says his sudden fall from the branch of a tree had damaged his spinal cord ,leaving him paraplegic. His family ,especially his brother, had lost hope of any improvement , after trying to get him the best of treatment and therapy at various hospitals of their area and in Mumbai. “Chandigarh Spinal Rehab is a boon to the people suffering from Spinal Cord Injury/ Brain Injury. It is the only centre in North India which provides rehab for the paraplegic people”. Mahesh stands proud when he recalls his achievement at a recent Swachh Ability Marathon, where he managed to walk for 4kms with the help of his crutches.
Suraj Story of Suraj
My name is Suraj. I am 25 YEARS old . I have a Spinal Cord Injury. I want someone who knows about SCI to treat me and help me so that I can live my life on my own as a much as I can . “ These were the first few words that Suraj said when he was wheeled to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab for therapy, by his young, energetic and positive fiancée’ Madhu. Suraj and Madhu hail from a humble background in Manali. Suraj used to work in a local restaurant in Goa for their living and used to visit their families during holidays. It was in one of those homecoming trips, that he met with the fateful accident, which incurred SCI. He was left paralyzed from his neck below. He was just 21 years of age. He is now 25 years, four years since he had the injury. He recalls about his initial years and all the struggles he faced. As he shares with us, he tells us how blank and clueless he was about his injury and his future. One moment he was on his own making plans of his vacation with his family and the very next thing he knew that he could not move anything below his neck. With the scarce knowledge about SCI management and limited resources life was nothing less than a battlefield for Suraj and his family. The injury not only took a toll on Suraj’s physical independence but also snatched away his job leaving the family in a financial crisis. But as they say “It is after the darkest hour, the sun shines the brightest” Madhu and Suraj were determined to fight SCI and start their life together again. Madhu left no stone unturned to contact doctors locally and at various suggested centres across nation. Financial limitations and lack of holistic approach led to an almost bed ridden state for Suraj.A few therapists in Manali told them about Chandigarh Spinal Rehab and it’s services brought them here. As they embark a new journey with us, Suraj and Madhu tell us how hopeful they are about their rehab her at CSR. Suraj shares his wishes to be able to do his daily activities independently and to be able to earn a respectable, dignified livelihood for his family. For they say “ Its not the destination that matters , but the journey that does” As Suraj and Madhu wheel on their journey, they need many hearts to walk with them, to support them, empower them and help them rebuild their lives. Conta


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